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** Sonic Drive-In
3640 Springhurst Blvd.
(502) 412-2444
Sonic Sonic is a modern fast-food eatery, but its call-in and carhop shtick sure takes old-timers back to the future. It features burgers (mostly $1.99 to $2.99), rings and fries and soft drinks, shakes and malteds ... just like Bob Colglazier's Ranch House used to have.

It's a genuine drive-in, with four rows where you pull your car into angled slots, press the button and yell into the speaker when you're ready to place your order. They've also got a patio area in case you want to get out of your car and sit at a table under an umbrella. They've got call-in boards at those tables, too.

The carhops zip around on roller skates, although ours looked like she was having a little bit of trouble getting used to hers. The food was pretty good, if not great. They didn't have Ken's green-chile cheeseburger but did have a jalapeño cheeseburger ($2.99), which was pretty good. My wife said her No. 1 cheeseburger (with mustard) had a little too much mustard, but I notice she ate it all. The chocolate shakes were pretty good, too.

Sonic is at the back of the Springhurst Center, close to the megalo-wine shop, Party Source, and Tinseltown. It's a long drive out there from the city, but it was fun, and we'll probably do it again. $

Other Sonic locations in Louisville include 2300 Crittenden Drive, 8600 Ambrosse Lane, 2010 S. Highway 53, 3106 Preston Highway, and 632 Winkler Ave.