Heine Brothers
2 stars
Heine Brothers' Coffee
2714 Frankfort Ave.
(502) 899-5551

Website: www.heinebroscoffee.com

Spartan, friendly and affordable, with good java that's selected by the management and roasted on the premises, fine latte and cappucino, and tasty pastries, Heine Bros. has earned its outstanding local reputation and growing empire the old-fashioned way. Great spots for a coffee break, or a tea break, or just whiling away the hours in a pleasant coffeehouse community.

It's not a full-service eatery, but you can certainly feed the inner person with excellent panini sandwiches (from Lotsa Pasta) and a daily selection of muffins, scones, biscotti and a variety of sinful cakes. Bagels are currently supplied by Nancy's Bagel Grounds, which - as detailed in that review, are not my favorites.

But that's picky. With quality locally owned coffee houses like Heine's (and many others) in this community, it's beyond me why anyone in Greater Louisville ever darkens the door of a Starbucks. Enough said. $

(OTHER LOCATIONS: 1295 Bardstown Road, [502] 456-5108; 2200 Bardstown Road, [502] 515-0380; and 118 Chenoweth Lane, [502] 893-5103.)