*** Polly's Freeze
US 62
Lanesville, Ind.
(812) 945-6911

Polly's Freeze Back in the days when Highway 62 was the main road from Louisville to Evansville, Ind., and points west, Polly's must have beckoned as a welcome oasis to travelers along their way. Now this happy little roadside stand sits just off busy I-64, and only locals and Polly's-bound pilgrims find there way here. But there are plenty of those. In more than 45 years dishing up ice-cold summer treats, burgers and sandwiches, Polly's has built a fanatical following. I always have the oversize Pollyburger ($1.90) with cheese and everything; and there's absolutely nothing better to wash it down than a bright-pink Polly's raspberry shake. $