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Herbocrite seeks veggie enlightenment: Creative veggie dishes at local restaurants

burger on bun with chips

This story appears in LEO’s Dining Guide 2010.

Some days you feel like a nut, as the old Almond Joy commercial told us, and some days you don’t. As for me, some days I feel like a bloody haunch of barely seared cow flesh. Some days I feel like alfalfa sprouts and tofu.

Is there a name for a wannabe vegetarian who likes meat way too much to give it up? I’m thinking “herbocrite,” and I’m willing to bear the label with pride.
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We Tappa Keg at BJ’s & The BBC Tap Room

BJ’s: a 30-year-old Southern California chain, has expanded to Louisville with the launch of a large and very well capitalized brewhouse at Oxmoor Center. Photos by Robin Garr.

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(BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse; BBC Tap Room)

Inquire about the American Pale Ale (aka “APA”) at Louisville’s BBC Tap Room, and you’ll get a virtual education in this classic American beer style: Made with Special Pale, Caramunich, Flaked Barley, and Special B malts and bittered with Centennial and Willamette hops, it’s a rich, copper colored ale with a full-bodied bitter hops flavor supported by generous amounts of malt.

Ask the same question about the APA at the new BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Oxmoor, and you may hear something like what a friendly server told me: “It’s a light beer. Well, one of our lighter beers.” She paused, then grinned conspiratorially. “They train us not to tell people it’s ‘bitter’.”
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Little bit of coffee in your beer?

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Click the image to open a video interview with BBC Head Brewer Jerry Gnagy

If you like beer but worry that a mug or two will make you sleepy, get ready for this: Bluegrass Brewing Company and Heine Brothers’ Coffee have joined forces to launch a new microbrewed coffee stout, a rich and warming BBC black beer with two good shots of Heine’s mellow Mexico Stout blended in.

The caffeinated brew, made with organic, fair-trade coffee, will go on sale at BBC in St. Matthews on Friday, Feb. 9.
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