About these reviews

I conduct all my restaurant reviews at my own expense In order to maintain objectivity and avoid conflicts of interest, I keep a low profile, always dine unannounced, and anonymously if possible; if I believe that I was recognized as a dining critic or if I’m certain that I am known to the management, I will disclose this in my review. I pay my own way and accept no samples, gifts or other gratuities from the hospitality industry. The opinions expressed in these reviews are entirely my own. I am proud of my long-time reputation for objectivity, honesty and fairness, and go out of my way to keep it.

I rate restaurants on a one- to four-star system, based on my judgement of overall food quality, service, atmosphere and value.

**** = A grade, 90+
*** = B grade, 80-89
** = C grade, 70-79
* = D grade, below 70

I rank restaurants by price based on this rough price range for dinner for two, excluding alcoholic beverage, tax and tip:

$$$$ = luxury ($60-plus)
$$$ = upscale ($40-$60)
$$ = modest ($20-$40)
$ = budget (under $20)

Restaurants are also indexed alphabetically and on the basis of neighborhood location, type of cuisine and my subjective rating on a 100-point system. Finally, restaurants recommended for quick, inexpensive eats are also indexed on a special “QuickBytes” list.

Restaurants known not to be accessible to wheelchair users and other disabled people are so noted, but for those who have special needs in these areas, it’s always wise to call ahead, as it is for all diners to check ahead for reservations policies and seating availability at popular spots. I also recommend calling to check operating hours, credit cards and similar rules; we do not list this kind of information here because it changes quickly, and I would rather have you get it right from the restaurant than wrong from us.

You’ll find a wide range of Louisville-area and regional restaurants in these reviews, but please be aware that I don’t routinely review national-chain and franchise properties, fast-food or neighborhood eateries unless they’re unusual enough to merit a special trip or generate such a buzz that I can’t resist stopping by to see what’s up.

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