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The St Matthews at Coals Artisan Pizza

We enlist in the war for Coals. Pizza, that is.

There are just 28 days left before Election Day 2014 as you read this, and that means we must endure 672 more hours of television, radio, robo-call and Internet advertising time. In this market, a great deal of this mind-numbing noise will be devoted to Senator-since-forever Mitch McConnell and his feisty challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Okay fine, I get it, that’s how the system works in 21st century America. Well, that, and limitless contributions by anonymous corporate interests, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

I have made my decision and probably won’t stray from it, so I’m doing my best to tune out the constant drone. But sometimes it’s hard to ignore.

For instance, why in the heck do they keep talking about coal? Continue reading

The St. Matthews Pizza Margherita at Coals

Coals Brings The Heat To Make A Fine Pizza

If you grew up eating pizza in Louisville – or for that matter just about anywhere in the U.S. outside, possibly, the urban Northeast – you may be excused for believing that pizza is all about the toppings. Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, bacon and pineapple and even anchovies, oh, my: Pile ’em high! And don’t forget to dollop on the sweet, sweet tomato sauce and a lake of molten, stringy cheese. Continue reading


Coals ranks high among the city’s pizzerias

Hold on a minute! Didn’t we just write about pizza last month, with a report on Frascelli’s in Crestwood?

Well, yeah.

And not that long ago, around Christmas, didn’t we review Di Orio’s, a new pizzeria in St. Matthews?

That, too.

I told you that pizza was getting to be the next really big thing. Continue reading


Coals Artisan Pizza is burning hot

With all the justified uproar these days about mountaintop removal, miner safety and other issues surrounding Kentucky’s beleaguered coal industry, it may seem a bit odd to have something nice to say about coal.

But damn! A coal-burning oven makes one fine pizza. What’s more, the good folks at Coals Artisan Pizza, recently arrived in the Vogue Center, are burning re-mined hard anthracite coal, which is about as environmentally friendly as coal can be. Continue reading