Panini, please. Thank you.

With the possible exception of Come Back Inn, Please & Thank You (800 E. Market St.) may be the only restaurant in the region named after Things Our Mother Told Us. The 78-RPM black recordings that form an integral part of its shtick take us back to our parents’ era, too. But the hip atmosphere of this corner storefront eatery and coffee shop is all 21st century NuLu.

I stopped in the other day on my way to get my locks shorn at another hip NuLu spot, Market Street Barbers (748 W. Market St., 589-0002) and made a quick lunch of the “Toasted” ($7.50), a sandwich of creamy mozzarella, herby pesto and spicy-hot peperonata mayo, pressed in a focaccia square on the panini grill. The bread-to-contents ratio was a bit high, but it was good bread and good contents. I ran into the Bar Belle there, nibbling a chocolate-chip cookie and sipping coffee (un-spiked — I checked), and she declared both excellent.