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News of restaurant and food-related events. We’ll generally publish public-service announcements for all legitimate charitable benefits, and will consider for-profit dining events of broad interest upon request.

Who’s not a po-boy in this economy?

Café Lou Lou Chef Clay Wallace will celebrate that New Orleans cultural icon, the po-boy sandwich, on Saturday, Nov. 21 and Sunday, Nov. 22. Both the St. Matthews (106 Sears Ave.) and Highlands (2216 Dundee Road) locations will serve fried shrimp, fried oysters, blackened red fish, and roast beef and gravy po-boys. Traditional side dishes of potato salad and french fries will also be on the menu.
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Café Mimosa returns

By Kevin Gibson
LEO’s Eats with LouisvilleHotBytes

The familiar logo on the former Lentini’s reads “Café Mimosa,” but the sandwich board out front says it all: “We open now!”

A fire destroyed Café Mimosa’s former location — along with its partner Egg Roll Machine — in January. Owner Phat Le vowed to reopen; the former Lentini’s made sense since, well, he already owned it.

The new Mimosa, replacing recent tenant Jarfi’s, seems more upscale than the old, but food and prices are much the same.
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Jarfi’s leaving Lentini’s, going back downtown as fancy diner

This report combines an Email discussion and phone conversation with Jeff Jarfi, who says he’s excited about this new venture, having been involved with the opening of Atlanta’s Buckhead Diner. He’s regretful about leaving Bardstown Road, but says the combination of a slow economy and $10,000-a-month lease payments for the old Lentini’s building made it a no-brainer to move quickly on the diner program, which has been on the drawing board for a while.
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Welcome Ryder Cup fans! Now, let’s have dinner

LEO’s Eats with

Welcome to Louisville, Ryder Cup fans, and please excuse us if we accidentally misspell the name of your event. After all, in Louisville for the last 140 years or so, “Rider” has meant one of the little guys who captain those big horses around the track at Churchill Downs.

But we’re trying to get on board with the idea of folks who use long sticks to knock small white balls into tiny holes, and we truly do want to make you feel welcome.

Ryder Cup may attract more than 200,000 spectators (and another 1,500 reporters and photographers) to the Valhalla Golf Club during the five-day event (Sept. 16-21), and that puts it on par with Kentucky Derby season as a gathering likely to pack the town and make it mighty hard to get a table in some of our hottest eateries.

Valhalla, a gated, guarded greensward, is surrounded by endless suburbia, a scene that you may find a lot like home, whether you’re visiting from Atlanta, Ann Arbor or Greenwich. It would be all too easy for you to enjoy a pasteurized and homogenized dining experience, too, should you choose to take your meals at Olive Garden, Red Lobster or any of the many other corporate chains that dot that quadrant of our map.

But what a shame that would be! Louisville, a city where the locals allegedly dine out more often per capita than any other U.S. metropolis, is rich with fine, independently owned and operated eateries at a broad range of prices, styles and ethnic origins.

We hope you’ll make it a point to spend some time – and yes, some of your tourist dollars – getting to know our locals. We think you’ll see just why it is that we eat out so much.
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Peng Looi is BCA’s Jefferson Evans honoree

Photo of 
Chef Peng Looi
Chef Peng Looi.

Chef Peng Looi, of Asiatique and August Moon, has won this year’s Jefferson Evans Award, presented annually by the Black Culinarian Alliance to honor individuals “of color” who have shown excellence in the food-service industry. Peng Looi is of Malaysian heritage.

The award is named after chef Jefferson Evans, the first black graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.