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The Ville Taqueria's Veggie Taco

The cat ate my review. No, really!

After quite a few years writing a weekly column about food, I’ve learned a thing or two. For instance:
* When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
* That which does not kill us makes us strong.
* The deadline monster must be fed.
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Calzone at DiOrio's

DiOrio’s earns its place on Pizza Row

When DiOrio’s pizza first settled into the former home of Karem’s Meats in St. Matthews, it already seemed that this booming nightspot zone was attracting more pizzerias than it could reasonably handle … and that was before Coal’s or Mellow Mushroom came to town.
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DiOrio’s joins St. Matthews’ growing Pizza Town

A pizza from DiOrio's
St. Matthews has enjoyed a pub or two all the way back to Gilman’s Corner in the city’s pioneer days, a happy custom that continued in our parents (and even our grandparents’) time with homey saloons like Dutch’s, Maier’s and Gerstle’s providing community while slaking the public thirst.
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