Apron Inc and The Lee Initiative

Here’s how to donate to restaurant worker friends

If you’re not strapped by the falling market and would like to dig down even deeper, why not donate to either of these two fine organizations that are gearing up to assist out-of-work restaurant employees?

* APRON Inc. will award grants up to $500 each, paying by check directly to creditors of unpaid bills. Six months’ employment in an independent restaurant will be required. Be able to produce upon request bills to be paid.
To donate go to aproninc.org/donate
For more info and to apply for a grant, go to aproninc.org/application/

* Donate to the LEE Initiative Restaurant Workers Relief Program. Your donation goes directly to feeding the workers of our independent restaurant industry that now find themselves out of work in your community.
You’ll find more info and a link to donate here: leeinitiative.org

If you know of other similar activities raising funds for restaurant workers, please give us a shout at rgarr (at) louisvillehotbytes.com.