LEO’s Recession-Proof Dining Guide

LEO Dining Guide

LEO’s Eats with LouisvilleHotBytes.com

LouisvilleHotBytes.com is proud to be associated with LEO’s 2008 “Recession-proof Dining Guide,” a local-restaurant guide like no other, with a tongue-in-cheek hard-times spin.

In addition to a comprehensive directory of LEO Dining Guide Listings 2008, many of them based on our weekly LEO/LouisvilleHotBytes reviews, we think you’ll enjoy all of these articles by LEO and LouisvilleHotBytes contributors:

One-stop noshing: Stuff your face at buffets, by Mat Herron.

Beyond chicken-finger purgatory: Dining out with the kids in tough economic times, by Andrea Essenpreis.

Full of it: How I survived 14 days of eating exclusively in west Louisville, and why just surviving is not enough, by Phillip M. Bailey.

A friend indeed: Soup Kitchens report hunger is on the rise in Louisville, by Kevin Gibson.

Champagne dining on a beer budget: A guerrilla guide to eating well in recessionary times, by Robin Garr.

On the cutting board: As the economy sucks, so too the restaurant business, by Marsha Lynch.