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Happy New Year, Alexa!

Per my request, Santa brought me an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas, pre-loaded with everyone’s favorite virtual assistant, Alexa.

This morning as I was settling in at my writing desk, I asked: “Alexa: how many days until the Kentucky Derby 2020?”

“2020 Kentucky Derby is in 128 days, on May 2, 2020,” she replied cheerfully.

“What is the date of Mother’s Day, 2020?” Continue reading Happy New Year, Alexa!

That’s Showbiz, Folks!

The scenario: An alarm goes off in a dark bedroom. A lamp switches on. A man arises, dons a starched white chef jacket, places a coffee pod briefly in a shiny, complicated-looking appliance, and enjoys the beverage that emerges. Before leaving home, he grabs a hand-made shopping basket he picked up on his last trip to Guatemala, and says goodbye to his faithful dog. Continue reading That’s Showbiz, Folks!

Speaking of Sending Things Back

The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.” –George Costanza, “The Marine Biologist” Seinfeld, Season 5 Episode 14, February, 1994

President Donald Trump’s visit to Louisville last week got me thinking about how to properly, politely and successfully send a dish back in a restaurant with minimal disruption to your or your companions’ meals. (“Send It Back! Send It Back!”) Continue reading Speaking of Sending Things Back