Moby Dick’s drive-through satisfies fishy crave

We had been getting along pretty well without dining out since the pandemic got real last month, but someone in this house has been feeling a serious crave for that Louisville tradition, fried fish on rye.

Sounds reasonable. Let’s get some fish! But where?

As it turns out, quite a few local favorites are offering this local fave for takeout or curb service: The Fish House, Chik’n & Mi, Four Pegs, Hooked on Frankfort, Royals Hot Chicken, Joellas. I’m sure there are plenty more, but I already had my mind set on a favorite: Moby Dick. Continue reading Moby Dick’s drive-through satisfies fishy crave

Cook it at home: Shrimp and grits!

Who doesn’t miss pulling your chair up to a table at a favorite Louisville restaurant and ordering a dish that you love? I sure do!

Of course there’s always takeout, ideally with no-touch curbside delivery, as an alternative way to let the chef show her skills. But here’s another alternite: Why not try your hand at whipping up a restaurant dish at home? This option kills time as we sit in social isolation, and it makes dinner a lot more special than a burger or PB&J. Continue reading Cook it at home: Shrimp and grits!

Guess who’s driving your dinner

Times are tough for us all as we live through the worst pandemic in living memory, and the restaurant business is being hit hard.

Some of our favorite local eateries are closed, and their servers, kitchen staff, chefs and owners have been scrambling for alternative sources of income.

Many more restaurants are staying open for carryout and delivery. They’re hanging on to at least part of their staff, to cook the meals we love and hustle them out to a line of hungry diners waiting in our cars at the curb.

But how about the good folks who get our hot dinner the last mile to our houses? Continue reading Guess who’s driving your dinner

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