And still more cheap eats: Breakfast at the Meridian Cafe

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The metro area is blessed with a surprising number of first-rate spots for a casual, comfortable soup, salad or sandwich lunch, and I try to make my way around to all of them regularly. One of my favorites is Meridian Café, and I’m apparently not the only person thus smitten – this place almost always has a big crowd.

Part of the draw might be its attractive setting, a pre-war suburban house just off Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews, across from Trinity High School. Even after extensive renovation to convert its cozy space into dining rooms, it still has a homey feel that makes me halfway expect to see Mom poke her head around the corner and yell, “Finish those peas if you want any dessert!”

Meridian has been around for a while, and after a rocky start a number of years ago, successive changes of management have kicked it up a notch, and then another, to turn it into a favorite. And now, within the past few months, they made a good thing even better by adding a bunch of appetizing breakfast dishes.

I’ve reviewed Meridian’s excellent lunch often, so today let’s stick to the new breakfast choices, just about any of which would suit me well when my fast needs breaking, whether I’ve been an early bird or a night owl. (Breakfast items are served alongside the lunch menu Mondays through Saturdays until 3 p.m. closing time.)

Most of the baker’s dozen breakfast selections are named after Meridian friends or family (ask your server if you’re curious). Meridian Cafe is quite vegetarian-friendly, with more than half the dishes meat-free, but carnivores can also find plenty to like.

Breakfast menu choices include “light breakfasts” (Alana’s fruit turnover or Leon’s grilled banana walnut bread, $4.25 each); and “breakfast sandwiches” from $5.99 (for Connor’s “gourmet” peanut-butter and banana sandwich with berries on whole wheat) to $6.99 (for Paul’s steak-and-egg sandwich or Maddy’s bagel sandwich with roasted salmon and spinach served open-face on a herb-egg frittata). “Meridian Classics” breakfasts are $5.99 (for Zan’s mushroom-potato hash, Mr. Brown’s pan-fried potato and bell pepper hash with jalapeños, or Big Dave’s pastrami hash).

A favorite just got better: What’s not to like? Happy New Year!

Meridian Cafe
112 Meridian Ave.