G3 – A Great Bite at Proof on Main

(By Jim Murphy. Republished with permission from G3 Illustrated)

Proof on Main is just about the coolest place in Louisville. With avant-garde art displays, hip chic interior and one of a kind ambiance atmosphere, Proof is the destination spot for Louisville Area gays and straights.

I have gone to Proof many times: G3 galas, business lunches and wonderful dinners with close friends. I have never had a bad time or a bad meal. I leave feeling reminiscent of New York or Chicago.

The Bar at Proof is a blast. Often, Michael and I lounge in the back, Diet Cokes in hand, and observe. As Proof is attached to 21c, an ultra-chic boutique hotel, the clientele varies and is significantly different from the usual bar crowd. In the absence of interesting people, the walls contain art consisting of head-shot paintings of many of Louisville’s well-known denizens. We pick out those people we know and those we wish we knew.

We dined the day after Derby – never a good day in Louisville as it marks the onset of the dreaded “post-Derby” funk. Yet, we avoided this malaise by inviting a special guest with us. Always delightful, she made this dinner a blast as we rehashed the events of the weekend and dished on celebrities.

And yes, there is food. Usually, I get the bison burger. However, Proof has experimented with their menu and has introduced new items. Being the trendsetters we are, we decided to branch out beyond our usual area of comfort. I had the Prawns, three lightly battered but ridiculously huge shrimp resting on a bed of risotto and vegetables…absolutely delicious. Michael chose the handmade cavellini tossed with fennel sausage, rapini and fresh ricotta. He was extremely pleased with his choice.

Our friend got the bison burger, and I enjoyed it vicariously. These wonderful meals were preceded by an appetizer of octopus (try it, you’ll love it) sautéed in butter and wonderfully tasty. And we always have the relish tray (healthy and tasty) with servings of butternut squash, beets, pumpkin, rutabaga and tasty toasted baguette, all wonderfully prepared and beautifully presented. Presentation makes or breaks a meal for me and Proof never fails to deliver.

Proof has wonderful ice creams and sorbet. I had a warm vanilla pudding torte. Michael chose the wonderful plate of cookies, while our guest chose the sorbet. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

If you haven’t reached Proof yet, please go and enjoy Chef Michael Paley’s wonderful creations. With warm weather, the outdoor seating is ideal for enjoying the wonderful architectural marvels lining Main Street.

By Jim Murphy
G3 Illustrated
June 2007