Jarfi’s leaving Lentini’s, going back downtown as fancy diner

This report combines an Email discussion and phone conversation with Jeff Jarfi, who says he’s excited about this new venture, having been involved with the opening of Atlanta’s Buckhead Diner. He’s regretful about leaving Bardstown Road, but says the combination of a slow economy and $10,000-a-month lease payments for the old Lentini’s building made it a no-brainer to move quickly on the diner program, which has been on the drawing board for a while.

Here’s the announcement:

Jarfi’s Bistro is excited to announce they will return to downtown! The new restaurant will be on the first floor of the beautiful Zirmed Tower conveniently located at the corner of 9th Street and Market Street. We will also have a private event space on the 10th floor that features a spectacular and unique view of Louisville.

The new concept is Jarfi’s Diner and it will be modeled after “The Fog City Diner” in San Franciso and “Buckhead Diner” in Atlanta. The menu will be wide ranging and will include everything from omelettes at $7 to a veal chop at $29. We hope to open the Jarfi’s Diner by mid-September.

With this new adventure we will say a fond farewell to Bardstown Road. Our final day open to the public is June 27th and the Bistro will officially close by July 5th. Chef Jarfi is very generous to the community and donates over $11,000 in gift certificates annually. Everyone is encouraged to use their gift certificates at the Bistro or to visit us at the new location in September. Some gift certificates will be eligible for an expiration extension.

During the time we are closed Jarfi’s will be completely focused on catering. The catering portion of our business comprises nearly 70% of our work and will remain the focus.

We are sad to leave our Bardstown Road location but are extremely excited about our new possibilities and to return to downtown where Jarfi’s first started.