Make mine migas at North End Café

Migas at North End Cafe
North End Café’s migas are the Tex-Mex breakfast of champions. Photo by Robin Garr.

Looking for a tasty Tex-Mex breakfast? One of my favorites comes from North End Café, a popular eatery renowned for its breakfast but not often counted among the city’s destinations for Border Country cuisine.

North End’s expansive breakfast menu features more than two-dozen goodies, including such traditional items as biscuits and gravy ($4.75), steak and eggs ($11.99), or even a warm bowl of oatmeal ($4.79). Some dishes add creative touches – you can get your biscuits, for example, with the option of vegetarian mushroom gravy; and French toast ($5.49) gets a subtle touch from the addition of orange spice flavors.

Down at the bottom of the menu you’ll find a tasty Tex-Mex snack: a small breakfast taco ($2.69), loaded with scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, cheese and zippy salsa.

My Tex-Mex treat of preference, though, are the migas ($5.99). Pronounced “Mee-yas,” these are a hearty breakfast indeed: Two fluffy scrambled eggs are loaded up with bits of crunchy fried blue-corn tortilla, mild yellow cheddar and piquant jalapeños, topped with a dollop of homemade salsa and an order of North End’s old-fashioned home fries.

In the casual, arty setting of North End’s renovated Clifton shotgun and attentive service, migas are the Tex-Mex breakfast of champions. -Robin Garr

North End Café
1722 Frankfort Ave.