Steel City Pops' tomatillo-yogurt pop.

Popsicles for grown-ups! (And kids, too.)

Cranberry-orange pop at Steel City Pops.
Cranberry-orange pop at Steel City Pops.
I haven’t had a popsicle since I was about 9, and frankly, I didn’t even think I wanted one. But then someone told me about Steel City Pops.

What if I could get a popsicle – fruity-ice or creamy dairy – from a pallette of grown-up flavors like plum with rosemary, maple bacon with bourbon, smoked fig with cheese, or … tomatillo yogurt!? Made with locally produced, organic ingredients with nothing artificial in the shop? And $3 a pardon-the-expression pop?

Don’t mind if I do!

Here’s a look at the current menu. A fall update may be coming soon.

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