Turbo-charged BLT at KY BBQ Co

Turbo-charged BLT
Kentucky Bar-B-Cue’s BLT sandwich. Photo by Robin Garr.

Bearing in mind Columnist Marsha Lynch’s dissertation last week on selecting the special menu item at local indie eateries, I took her advice and tried a truly offbeat special last week at Kentucky Bar-B-Cue Co.

This relatively new outfit, located in the drafty, homey old Clifton saloon that used to house Café Lou Lou, now sports a new coat of red interior paint and a gallery of beer signs. It’s the latest home of the smoked-meat establishment formerly known as Bourbon Brothers BBQ.

It’s hard to imagine showing up at a barbecue joint and not chowing down on pork ribs or brisket, and Kentucky Bar-B-Cue does very well indeed in those departments. But when the server described the special, I knew I had to try it.

We’re talking about a BLT here, perhaps the greatest of sandwiches. But this was a BLT with a creative difference. First, in place of the juicy, meaty beefsteak tomato that makes a true BLT strictly a seasonal experience, this one comes equipped with a couple of thick slices of tangy, lightly breaded fried green tomatoes. Instead of the traditional mayo, it’s slathered with spicy remoulade sauce. And just to add a little more crunch (and perhaps a few calories) to the mix, it comes between slices of grilled Texas toast. The bacon, of course, remains a constant, thin-sliced and crisp. Who doesn’t love bacon?

The overall effect was pretty good … a bit greasy, perhaps, with the fried tomatoes, warm bacon and grilled toast. It might alarm a Weight Watcher. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s good grease. I enjoyed it, and apparently a lot of other people have, too: Our server informed me that this confection will move from an occasional special to regular menu status when Kentucky Bar-B-Cue Co. updates its menu soon.

Kentucky Bar-B-Cue Co.
1800 Frankfort Ave.