New look!

Notice anything different? We’ve made some changes at LouisvilleHotBytes, changes that we hope will make Louisville’s top spot for information about local restaurants and the city’s food scene a little more useful and even more fun. The top change should be immediately apparent: We’ve converted to a “blog” format to facilitate quick and frequent updates, and to make it easier than ever for you to talk back.

One thing won’t change: You can continue to rely on for the kind of fair, accurate and knowledgeable restaurant reviews that you’ve counted on me to deliver since the 1980s, and you’ll continue to find the region’s premier interactive online restaurant community here.

But with our new look – and the new WordPress software that drives it – we’re taking the first step toward merging some of the best elements of my magazine-style restaurant-review pages and of our popular Louisville Restaurants online community into a coherent, “blog-style” new-media publication that rolls it all into one exciting interactive venture.

Blog-style reporting will make it practical for me to post quick and casual reports on my food-and-dining experiences, restaurant news (and even restaurant gossip) and to invite your comments and contributions in context and on the spot. We’ll keep the old Front Page and the existing Forum active, along with my current webpage Indexes of restaurants listed alphabetically and by neighborhood, price, rating and other criteria.

As time goes by, however, and our new content builds, we’ll gradually integrate all of these features into the new system. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions, about the Website and about the local restaurant scene. Please feel free at any time to contact me by E-mail.