Two popsicles at Cocoberry Pops.

Street food in the South End: Cocoberry Pops

I couldn’t leave the South End without checking another new spot, Cocoberry Pops, another street-food eatery that offers just one thing – a very good thing – Gourmet-style popsicles based on Mexican paletas.

Made with only fresh ingredients, organic cane sugar and no artificial flavors, these treats are only $3, and they are delicious. About two dozen flavors are divided between fruity and creamy.

A lime pop was fresh, tangy and tart, with a true lime-juice flavor. Caramel was subtle and sweet, not salty, just pure browned sugar. Chocolate was light milk-chocolate, evoking childhood Fudgesicle memories in a much more grown-up flavor. A cashew pop was non-dairy, but it tasted like fresh, sweet cream. More. I must have more.

Cocoberry Pops
323 W. Woodlawn Ave.
Robin Garr’s rating: 90 points